Trevor Nelson

  • I’m a runner and a workout enthusiast. I used to coach for half marathons, but I’m sticking with 3-5 miles at this point so I don’t lose my 8:30 pace.
  • I actually originally went to school in Connecticut for Graphic Design and shifted towards IT. I still design t-shirts and logos for my buddies on occasion.
  • I’m big into gaming, especially MMORPGs and retro gaming. You’ll find me playing Super Smash Brothers in the break room with the other folks as well.
  • I love cooking! It has its ups and downs, but I’ll always be experimenting with cooking some new dish to make it as authentic as possible. I tend to bake a lot primarily. The office will attest to the mass amounts of cookies and pies and such that I bring in.
  • Isaac thinks he can eat more than me, but we have yet to put that to the test. The question is who can eat more; a runner or a weightlifter?