James Howard

  • Avid reader, particularly fond of Jonathan Franzen, Gabrial Garcia Marquez and Alexandre Dumas.
  • Enjoy cooking as often as I can, which wasn’t always the case (the kitchen is where I do most of my Netflix binge-watching, so at least I feel a bit productive while indulging)
  • Served in Americorps for a long-term project on the Pacific Crest Trail, working throughout California and Oregon. Coincidentally, it was hiking on that selfsame trail two years prior to my service that impelled me to give something back to the trail and the communities surrounding it.
  • Thoroughly enjoy hiking, camping, and rock climbing. I found they are much more rewarding than weight lifting, and it helps to take me places I’ve never been.
  • I try to find humor in everything, as they say, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.
  • “Competitive” facial hair grower