RSE Special Projects

Tier 2 - Tactical Remote Floater

• I like cats, even though they are evil.
• I am quite quiet, but sometimes quit being so quiet.
• I love being outdoors, but I’m not too fond of the pollen.
• I’m from MS, where the tea is half and half (half sugar, and half tea).

RMM Administrator
  • I grew up in the small town of Inez Kentucky. After high school I spent 2 years at UK and another 2 at Big Sandy Technical College in Prestonsburg. I worked in Richmond afterwards until finally moving back to Lexington in 2008. I’ve lived here ever since.
  • I live with my girlfriend Chanele and her 7 year old daughter. We met at the call center where I got my first IT job. At the time I was still doing customer billing support.
  • I got my start in IT mostly by accident. The network admin at my old job quit, prompting the IT manager to ask for help when he got swamped. I was supposed to just do hands and feet work until they found an outside hire, but eventually got hired on full time as a technician.
  • I’m a huge fan of Blizzard games. I’ve played every major title they’ve released and some of the obscure games they made on the SNES while under the name Silicon & Synapse. I subscribed to WoW when it was released in 2004 and still play to it this day.
  • One of my favorite spots in Lexington is the Movie Tavern. I go there about twice a month, and have watched over 100 movies in that theater over the last 5 years.
  • An obscure hobby of mine is playing with yo-yo’s.
  • I could eat Tacos every day.
RMM Administrator Team Lead
  • I’m a Lexington native and rabid UK basketball fan.
  • I’m a Father of two awesome boys.
  • I’m a Scuba diving enthusiast.
  • I am a complete sucker for BBQ.
Dispatch Coordinator
  • I am a proud mother to my beautiful son Christian
  • I enjoy sports, my favorite teams are UK Basketball, Steelers Football, Serena Williams Tennis, and LeBron James
  • I love to dance
  • I am a youth advisor and a member of the choir at my church
  • Started at NetGain in 2012
Technical Documentation Specialist